Dumped in Vegas

romantic suspense


Investigative reporter Beau Knox loves the TV news business, except when she has to cover weddings with philandering grooms and mutts in tuxedos. It doesnít help that sheís got commitment phobia and lives the marriage capital of the world. Fortunately, Beau gets called off the wedding story to cover the biggest scoop of her career. She is summoned to the county dump in Las Vegas by her best police source. There, Beau finds the body of superstar heavy metal front man Tree Nolan decomposing in the trash.

Beau breaks the story that sets off a worldwide media frenzy and launches a federal investigation tied to an international drug cartel.

When the victimís fellow band members start turning up dead, Beau is forced underground with her Bronx-seasoned photographer, her gorgeous police source (with his own secret), and a witness who might be in league with the bad guys.

Chased by an unknown enemy to a nuclear graveyard, Beau battles gunshots, firebombing, and impossible deadlines to help solve the biggest mystery Sin City has seen in years.
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